Saturday, 27 August 2011

To Do List

After reading Rebecca- from beautiful square feet's to do list,  I started compiling my own.  Of course, majority of the items on my list will never get checked off! But, hey at least I've got good intentions, right!?!

These are the rooms we are working on right now, we do have other rooms (like a bathroom!) but there's sooo much to do in them, it's not even worth writing it all down!
And, I should also say, lots of these things are just ideas, I'm bound to change my mind a million times!!!


  • Get a chest of drawers.
  • Make jewellery frames like this.
  • Get a new lamp shade or recover the one I've got.
  • Frame watercolour paintings.
  • Get bedside tables and lamps.
  • Get a floor lamp for corner.
  • Replace door frame.
  • Replace curtains with blinds and sheer curtains, or even different coloured curtains.
Front Room/study/entrance/sitting area
  • Finish undercoating.
  • Paint the ceiling.
  • Paint the walls (if I can ever decide on a colour!!).
  • Finish and re install the skirting.
  • Figure out window furnishings (curtains? blinds? Arghhh!).
  • Get a couple of chair (love these ones!).
  • Paint and maybe wallpaper bookcase.
  • Kids area?
  • Hang wedding photos.
  • New entrance doors.
  • Get a desk.
  • Lamps for cube shelf thingy.
  • Tile splash back (of course I'll have to decide on tiles first!).
  • Tear up old lino and finish timber floor.
  • Finish off pantry and fridge cabinet.
  • Get a new door.
  • Blinds? Roman or holland?
  • Floating shelves, like this?
  • Paint walls.

OK, so I think that's it for now. I'm tired just writing it down!! Sorry to give you such a wordy post, with no pictures, even though the pictures I put up are normally pretty bad! But, it was good to get all that down, and hopefully I can start crossing things off!

Thanks Rebecca for inspiring me! :)


  1. Hopefully I'll be able to inspire you a little more soon by actually crossing some of mine off!! Thanks for reading, Megan!

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