Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Bedroom Before and Progress - Be prepared!!

Our bedroom is currently the least scary room in the house, so I thought it would be best to start there, and terrify you with the bathroom and lounge once we know each other a little better!

Let's begin with the 'Before' pictures; but be prepared, it may make you cry...

Ready? Are you sitting down? Ok, here goes!

*insert chilling scream here*

Yes, this is our bedroom. Yes, we actually live in this house!

Let me explain; room by room,  we are replacing all the ceilings in the house, tearing up all the old floor coverings and finishing the lovely timber underneath! This shot is, in reality, also a progress shot, but with very little actual progress!

But... it does get better; we finished the ceiling, we cleaned out the junk and sanded the floorboards. We undercoated, we painted. You get the idea; we did stuff, a lot of stuff!

This is what we have now.

Better, right?! 
(messy bed and all!)

The picture (a watercolour painting by a very clever 6 year old I know and love!) won't stay where it is, but will feature, along with it's twin, somewhere in the room.
I have a bunch of other things to put on the walls, I need to get bedside tables, and lamps, but any progress is good!!!

There you have it, our bedroom as it is today!! 

What do you think of the transformation so far? Have you made any progress today?


  1. Wow! What a transformation! Sounds like you've got a huge job on your hands - well done for making so much progress already! Thanks also for stopping by my blog and for following me!

  2. First comment!!!! Yay!!! Thanks!!!
    It is a HUGE job, and most of it is horrible work; I wish we were just painting/decorating! Hopefully we'll get there, we are just taking it one room at a time!

    I love your blog, especially your 'Can't stop looking at' posts, so full of inspiration and lovely ideas; which I need!