Monday, 22 August 2011

Spray Painting the Lamp...

Hello There!
Since I got my new lamp, I've been unhappy with the colour of the shade. It's cream. I don't like it.

This morning, I decided I needed to change the colour of the shade. I have a sleeping 2 year old on the couch, so a shopping trip was out of the question.

Sure,  I could just wait, that'd be the smart thing to do, but, I really want a different coloured lamp shade. Now.

I remembered that I have a tin of black spray paint in the shed, and I decided to have a go at spray painting the shade. It's not fabric paint; just regular flat black spray paint. Maybe not my best idea, but, nothing ventured, nothing gained! (or something like that!)

I took off the lamp shade and ducked outside, the moment I started painting - I wished I had not.


I kept going anyway, and after a few thin coats, it was looking a little more promising.

I rushed it inside to see how it looked in place. What's that? Drying time? No, are you crazy? The paint says 'quick dry'!

Back in place, I think it looks ok...  

It could be worse. A gloss paint probably would have looked better, but me = impatient, and I used what I had!
I guess I can say it was a successful experiment? I'm pretty sure I will replace it anyway, but for now I definitely prefer the black!!

Oh, and I should add, the shade is back outside now; I guess quick dry doesn't mean instant dry! 

Do you prefer the cream or the black?
Have you inappropriately spray painted anything lately?

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