Thursday, 29 September 2011

Oh No!!

Oh yes, the paint is peeling off my walls.

I taped around all the trims with blue painters tape.

I painted them. I peeled the tape off and...

I don't know what I did wrong, but it's fairly obvious that this isn't meant to happen! I was told perhaps I let the paint dry too much, but apparently it would normally be the white that would suffer damage in that case. (As in the paint you just painted, and not the paint under the tape.)

The patch around the bedroom door is definitely the worst. It's nothing a bit more paint won't cover up. I would be much happier if I didn't need to be doing it again, but, at least now I have a goal for the day!

Any tips on how to not have this happen again?

Wow, I said the word 'paint' or variations of it a lot in this post!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

With the walls painted, and trims pretty much painted (second coat not quite finished) in the front room, I've started to think about what I'm going to put in there.
It's a tricky room to furnish (well, it is for me anyway!) because of it's layout. There's the entrance doors, our bedroom door and an opening which leads to the lounge room. It's hard to get the furniture off the walls without blocking the traffic. There's only one power point, so there aren't very many places the computer can go.

I tried to make up a quick room plan, you can see the entrance doors and the opening (right there next to the desk), and the bedroom door, which I have just realised, actually opens the other way!

Ignore the weird doors ^
They are actually the same size!

The top left corner is the computer desk.
Top right corner is a bookshelf.
Bottom right corner, the kids activity table.
And, the bottom left corner is a couple of chairs for, well.. sitting.

The furniture would all fit in the room, but it doesn't all fit together. It's kind of like something in each corner,  and nothing anywhere else, isn't it?

Of course, I did what any normal crazy normal person would do and I made a whole bunch more!
These are my favourites;

The addition behind the computer is the cube bookshelf from the bedroom.

The chairs might get in the way too much here.

Maybe I'm just trying to fit too much in here. I'm hoping that once I actually get some stuff in the room it will all fall into place.

And, for fun, a few of my inspiration pics for this space.

Kids art display

Kids activity table

Both blue sitting areas

Computer area
Espresso desk
I have plenty more, but you probably don't want to be sitting here looking at pictures all day! As you can see from the varying inspiration pictures, I have no idea where the room is going, but hopefully it will be a fun ride!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Slowly, Slowly!

I've finally finished the second coat of paint in the front room! We are on school holidays right now, so I've been a little slow getting it finished!

I love it. I was worried it would be too dark, but, if anything, it is a little lighter than I thought it would be - go figure!

The next thing I need to tackle in there is the windows and skirting boards (Is that the right word? I hope so!). I'm planning on painting them white, but who knew there were so many whites! White on White, Antique White, Natural White, Off White, White Swan; I could go on for days!

I think I have narrowed it down to three;

I hit the Dulux website, to see if I could find some a recommended 'white to go with the wall colour', or even some pics to help guide me. I found these; the first one uses Tuft and Off White (not one of my final three, but I'll consider all offers at this stage!), and, the second is Tuft with Vivid White.


Also from dulux
This pic is great, it has the feel I wanted in our own kitchen, so I'm filing it away for later!
I think Vivid White may be my winner. Any thoughts? Opinions? Suggestions? I really am no good at making decisions!!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Guess what I'm about to do....

I've got my dirty old painting utensils out, my floor drop sheeted (yep, pretty sure I just made up a word!), I've got my colour picked, and paint purchased!!! 

I'm all ready to paint the front room! 

Anyone else painting today? 

Friday, 16 September 2011


Our front room/entrance/study/whatever else, is coming along nicely, and we have even made some progress on the lounge room!

So, true to my style; I'm leaving things half finished while I daydream! I know that I'm getting way ahead of myself, but, I've been fantasising about the perfect girls room!  We haven't even started in there, it still has it's original carpet and ceiling, so there's plenty of work to be done before I can make it pretty. And, of course,  all the other half-done rooms need to be finished first too!

Although it will be quite a while before it comes to life, here are some of my pretty inspiration pictures for my little girls room!

from here

and here

I will admit that I don't love the deer head - I'm sorry. But, I love everything else, especially the colours; the soft grey, and different pinks. These room makes me wish I could be a little girl again!

from here
I love this rug, but I think it might be a little too pink. (Is that possible in a girls room?)

from Young House Love

from sarahandbendrix
Clara's flower mobile is just too pretty, and the little heart's wall art is so incredibly cute!

That's all I've got for now! I can't wait to show you the finished product! (Don't hold your breath though - you will be waiting a while!)
By the way, I'll be posting about the front room soon, it's looking great!

Are you decorating a girls room? Or, just daydreaming about something pretty?

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Somewhere for the junk!

I have junk... In the trunk. No... not really, and anyway,  that's not the point of this post.

I have stuff, lots of stuff and, nowhere to put it. One of the worst things about living in an old house, is the lack of storage. We end up with pile like this in corner!

My apologies for the terrible iphone pictures, I can't get the camera to work. (I'm really good at wrecking electronics and small appliances!)

(Did you notice my ironing board has no cover, but it's ok, because I don't use it! Ironing? What's that!)

We have a 'hallway' type thing, that I think would be a good spot for some built in cupboards. It's just off the kitchen and leads to the bathroom, so it would be great as a broom closet and linen cupboard. And, of course, a large assortment of other bits and pieces!

The built-ins couldn't be very deep (only about 3500mm), but I'd love to go all the way to the ceiling, like this.

Oh, the stuff I could fit in there!! (Picture from here.)

I'm not sure if my space would work or not, but I need to convince the hubby that we need to work these, before we need to do any of the million things, on the list of, 'Things we need to do'! 

Where's your junk?