Tuesday, 27 September 2011

With the walls painted, and trims pretty much painted (second coat not quite finished) in the front room, I've started to think about what I'm going to put in there.
It's a tricky room to furnish (well, it is for me anyway!) because of it's layout. There's the entrance doors, our bedroom door and an opening which leads to the lounge room. It's hard to get the furniture off the walls without blocking the traffic. There's only one power point, so there aren't very many places the computer can go.

I tried to make up a quick room plan, you can see the entrance doors and the opening (right there next to the desk), and the bedroom door, which I have just realised, actually opens the other way!

Ignore the weird doors ^
They are actually the same size!

The top left corner is the computer desk.
Top right corner is a bookshelf.
Bottom right corner, the kids activity table.
And, the bottom left corner is a couple of chairs for, well.. sitting.

The furniture would all fit in the room, but it doesn't all fit together. It's kind of like something in each corner,  and nothing anywhere else, isn't it?

Of course, I did what any normal crazy normal person would do and I made a whole bunch more!
These are my favourites;

The addition behind the computer is the cube bookshelf from the bedroom.

The chairs might get in the way too much here.

Maybe I'm just trying to fit too much in here. I'm hoping that once I actually get some stuff in the room it will all fall into place.

And, for fun, a few of my inspiration pics for this space.

Kids art display

Kids activity table

Both blue sitting areas

Computer area
Espresso desk
I have plenty more, but you probably don't want to be sitting here looking at pictures all day! As you can see from the varying inspiration pictures, I have no idea where the room is going, but hopefully it will be a fun ride!

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