Thursday, 22 September 2011

Slowly, Slowly!

I've finally finished the second coat of paint in the front room! We are on school holidays right now, so I've been a little slow getting it finished!

I love it. I was worried it would be too dark, but, if anything, it is a little lighter than I thought it would be - go figure!

The next thing I need to tackle in there is the windows and skirting boards (Is that the right word? I hope so!). I'm planning on painting them white, but who knew there were so many whites! White on White, Antique White, Natural White, Off White, White Swan; I could go on for days!

I think I have narrowed it down to three;

I hit the Dulux website, to see if I could find some a recommended 'white to go with the wall colour', or even some pics to help guide me. I found these; the first one uses Tuft and Off White (not one of my final three, but I'll consider all offers at this stage!), and, the second is Tuft with Vivid White.


Also from dulux
This pic is great, it has the feel I wanted in our own kitchen, so I'm filing it away for later!
I think Vivid White may be my winner. Any thoughts? Opinions? Suggestions? I really am no good at making decisions!!


  1. Love the wall colour! The only thing I would say from my experiences with white paint for woodwork, is to make sure you still use tester pots. In our last house, I used Old English White, which I think was Crown not Dulux, and I ended up with a wardrobe that looked like it had been painted in banana milkshake! The actual colour looked nothing like it did on the colour card, or on the tin for that matter!

  2. On no, really!?! Thanks for the tip! I think I'll get a sample pot of each and go from there! You probably just saved me from a lot of heart ache!