Saturday, 13 August 2011

Exploring Elegance

YHL posted this Ethan Allen quiz and, of course, I headed off straight away to find my signature style!

Choices like these,

 Got me this result;

Knowing nothing about style, I thought this sounded pretty good! But, this was the only 'Explorer room' that my inner compass was drawn toward (explorer; compass, get it? OK, note to self, don't try to be funny!)

So, of course, not happy to settle with that diagnosis, I started the quiz again! The results are in.... drum roll...

I think this one might be a little off too, I doubt anyone would call me (or my house) elegant!
Maybe the problem is that I have no real style! I don't think I have decided yet! 
Either way, I really liked these rooms from the Elegance experience!

What's your signature?

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