Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The painting is done!

Today we went back to school, well, my Little Miss Muffet did. As much as I will miss the school holidays, I'm looking forward to having time to get something done! The only thing I achieved during two whole weeks of holidays was, the paint job in the front room. I guess it's better than nothing, but let's be honest, it's not far off!!

Anyhoo, let's put my laziness aside for now and have a look at some pictures! (Again, they aren't great, I'm no photographer and my little point-and-shoot is no.. umm, hold on while I Google... My little point-and-shoot is no hasselblad, that's for sure!)

I popped this table in as a start for my 'kids corner'. I was worried the whole idea would seem out of place, but, I think it will work out. And, the kids are already eating all their meals here, which is very cute!


So there it is, far from finished (I'm not sure if you noticed that we need some furniture?), but when you consider it looked like this, not too long ago.... 
Sorry, a pre-blog photo,  I think I snapped this on my phone, to send to my Mum, kind of like a  hey-look-what-we're-doing, pic!

I guess, it's actually coming along quite nicely!

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  1. It looks brilliant - well done! Can't wait to see it with the furniture in place!