Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A little switcheroo!

While we were shopping for our desk, I came across some cute little clips.

My photography skills never cease to amaze me!

I thought they would look great in place of the clips I already had on my kids art display. And, I finally got around to changing them over! This is how it used to look;

I pulled the old clips off. It was a little tricky; who knew glue was sticky? 
There was a little bit of residue left, but it scraped off without too much trouble.

With the old clips out of the way, all I needed was a little dab of glue to hold the new, cuter clips in place. I'm not too keen on measuring, so I kind of eyed the position of the clips.

And there you have it, all done! We have also added some new works of art. It's so great that we can change them whenever we feel like it - I'm thinking I might have to get the kids to draw some chirstmas-y pictures for the holiday season!

So, there it is; some new clips and a quick switch! 

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