Friday, 4 November 2011

I am not up to the Challenge.

The Pinterest Challenge is over, and I failed to meet the deadline. I'm sorry, forgive me and let me explain.   

I had my heart set on a round star/sunburst mirror as my challenge project, but I couldn't find a round mirror; apparently, small town = no round mirrors. I decided to give it a go with the oval mirror that was in our bedroom.

I picked out my favourite tutorial; it uses shims (wooden wedges) and, again: small town= no shims. They had never even heard of them.

What are we up to now? Plan C? Ok, plan C was bamboo skewers and while shopping for bamboo skewers, I found bamboo chopsticks. 

They are thicker and sturdier than the skewers, so I thought they would work pretty well, and they did; until I ran out. I don't have any pictures of the gluing process because I only have two hands! But, basically I just used a hot glue gun to stick the on the back of the frame. I got this far before I ran out.

I wish I had taken the amount of chopsticks I had into consideration and spaced them accordingly. I hopped in the car and went to grab another pack. There weren't any. When they get some more in, I will finish it. 

I decided I might as well paint what I had.
I used spray paint in a silver hammered metal finish. I wanted bronze, but they didn't have any. Anyone see a pattern emerging??

Anyhoo, this is what I have so far. It looks very silver in this picture but in real life it looks a little more pewter-y. I like it, maybe I'm even glad they didn't have bronze!

I may have failed miserably at my first Pinterest Challenge, but I think I'll have an o.k. looking mirror in the near future!  

Moral of the story: If you live in a small town, always go shopping BEFORE you commit yourself to a certain project!

Oh and stop by and visit the Pinterest Challenge hosts; Young House LoveBower PowerAna White and House of Ernest, there are a tonne of great projects from other challengees!

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